Robin Thicke
Star Trak/Interscope

Robin…….oh, Robin.

This album might have been enough to get Paula back, but it wasn’t enough for us.

Artists are emotional beings who express their deep love, hate or despair through their art. Many artists have dedicated their works to past lovers and past love life, yet the raw emotion usually sparks unseen musical abilities and greatness. In this case, Robin should’ve sent Paula a Mixtape with his favorite songs with excerpts of favorite pastimes instead of delivering this mediocre album.

Must I add that these latest album sales are in no way comparable to his 2013 album Blurred Lines, which we all know stood as a hit album since the single WOULD NOT stop playing on the radio last summer. A gigantic leap in a year.

Soulful and Bluesy, the Paula album breaks down the intricacies of their marriage before and after the break. His voice sounded rough throughout the album, possibly to emphasize the pain, and some of the tunes are pretty cheesy in their production like “Something Bad” and “Too Little Too Late”.  I’m all for an artist’ growth or their attempt to approach music differently, but I feel that Robin Thicke has approached R&B/Soul, all of his career to be exact, for him to deliver deep regret and ultimate love in a more prominent way.

Don’t worry, the entire album wasn’t complete trash. There are some nice tunes on there. “Get Her Back” rides on a nice guitar groove line, with a cute resemblance to a romantic scene of someone singing it live for their girl standing on a balcony. “Black Tar Cloud” was the funkiest of them all. The production of that song truly picked up the tune to make it a favorite.

I wonder, if Thicke didn’t make this big public hoopla about his wife leaving him, would the album have been better or worse? I thought traumatic experiences made your art better?

Either way, as my editor said,

“When I’m [feeling] sappy I listen to Drake.”

Well said, because it definitely won’t be Paula.

I’m glad she liked the album and took him back, though.