When the summertime approaches we can get so caught up in the fun and enjoyment of the warm temperatures that we may forget that it is one of the most critical times to protect our hair. Here are some tips to care for your natural hair in these high temperatures:

Reduce heat styling. If possible, eliminate it all together. Regardless of the climates heat styling can be damaging to the hair, but more specifically the already high temperatures of outdoors can cause breakage and split ends.

Become a hatter. Or even use a scarf. Anyway that you can shield your hair from extreme sun exposure or UVA rays, which can burn the outer layer of the hair and cause split ends and breakage.

LOC. The LOC method is when you start with applying a liquid or leave in conditioner, followed and sealed by an oil and then sealing the oil with a cream. This methods locks in moisture and as we all know a some moisture is always good!

Stay hydrated. Internally and externally. As we know water equals hydration. Be sure to be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. This will influence not only your health internally, but the health of your hair as well. Also note that keeping a spritz bottle containing lots of water (you may even add some oil, honey or/and Aloe Vera to the bottle) will keep your hair from becoming dry, brittle and thirsty.


Shampoo less. Co-wash more often. You may get tempted to wash more to remove sweat or just simply from feeling icky due to the humidity. Don’t give in so fast. Shampooing strips your hair from it’s natural oils and continuous shampooing causes hair to become brittle, dry and damaged. Try a co-wash or a simple cool rinse to remove any sweat.

Apply cool products. The sun and heat from the outside is enough for your hair to have to go through. So by doing something as simple as refrigerating your conditioner and applying cool water when moisturizing and rinsing will literally cool down your strands and scalp and your hair will thank your for it!

Wear a swimming cap. A swimming cap protects your hair from the damaging effects of the chlorine and salt. If swimming without a cap then be sure to use the LOC method with a heavy butter or cream to protect your hair as much as possible. After swimming, wash your hair right after, deep condition and then LOC again. This will ensure your hair is protected and rejuvenated from any possible damages that the salt water or pool causes.

Protective style. This will not only keep your hair from your face and neck, but it will also protect your ends from the extreme temperature and sun exposure.

Check the news for dew points. A dew point is the temperature when water begins to condense. This means humidity! The more humidity or higher the dew point the more frizz! Frizz is a no no! So be sure to apply the best ingredients to your hair to face the humidity that comes along with these temperatures.

Enjoy both this weather and your hair!