iPhone 6 Rumors

Apple is sticking to keeping quiet about the details, but a number of leaked photos and speculations paint a prospective picture.

Last year, Apple confidently released two new iPhones and are expected to do the same in September of 2014. In addition to its standard 4.7-inch model, rumors from creditable sources suggest that Apple is hopping on the larger screen bandwagon and offering a 5.5-inch model. There are also rumors of a more powerful battery. If true, the “phablet” (combination of phone and tablet) will be Apple’s largest iPhone release to-date.

It is safe to assume that we will see a reappearance of TouchID, a fingerprint sensor, on at least one model with a sapphire screen. This is a scratch-resistant material currently used on the iPhone 5S’ home button.

A release date has not been confirmed yet, but history may suggest a September announcement. Definitely in time for the biggest gift-giving holiday!