My niece asked me, “Why are you mixing honey in the bathroom?” Why was I mixing honey in the bathroom? Honey is not only a natural ingredient that’s healthy and good for you internally, but it’s also a beauty secret to having incredibly soft skin!

Honey is an old ancient elixir! Got a minor scrape? Apply a little honey; it’s a natural antiseptic because it has micro antibacterial properties! Honey can act as an anti-inflammatory agent for instance to naturally heal ulcers. But what’s the difference? Honey is honey, right? Wrong! Raw honey forms alkaline properties that contain antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins!  “Pasteurized” honey, which is regular honey, has been through a process that heats and destroys those good elements our body thrives on. Make sure you read the label; you can try your local health food store for different kinds of organic brands that are privately distributed and more than likely they will be a little bit more expensive depending upon the quantity.

How do you even know what kind of honey to buy? There are several different types of honey. Here are a few and their beneficial properties:

Eucalyptus Honey: Works as a deodorant, decongestant, can be massaged into the skin to relieve muscle and joint pain, effective against cavities and gingivitis

Buckwheat Honey: Dark Amber like honey that’s good to eat in cold winter months, cleans the intestines, high in protein, has macrobiotic and antioxidants

Acacia Honey:  One of the sweetest honeys in the world, it’s a liver detox, improves stomach membrane regeneration (aids in digestion), low in protein

Now what’s this you say about “soft skin”?  Since honey is a humectant it allows your skin to retain moisture rather than dry out. Its anti-bacterial agents rids your epidermis of dirt and oils and can be used as a cleanser when paired with warm water. Also since it contains several natural acids like lactic, malic, butyric, and succinic, to name a few, it acts as a mild exfoliate as well! Honey is tough enough to kill bacteria and make your skin glow, but gentle enough not to cause a harsh reaction.  Now take that, all you over the counter pricey soaps and moisturizers!

Here’s a nightly ritual to maintain that beautiful skin:

  1. Take a tablespoon of honey (any kind. It won’t affect you if it isn’t raw)
  2. Rub it between your palms (or warm it up for no more than 10 seconds) so that it’s warm and easier to apply to face
  3. Run warm water over a wash cloth
  4. Apply to face, let sit, and rinse honey with wash cloth and warm water 3xs
  5. Pour olive oil (quarter size) into palm, apply to face and pat with towel.
  6. GLOW!