Let me first start off by saying I am not that girl. I am not the kind of girl who plans way in advanced, saves money and shows up on time to said event. I’m the kind of girl who goes with the flow, spends too much money and shows up to the event when the staff is cleaning up. Basically I am a last-minute let’s try to be spontaneously cool but end up staying inside in my Grinch pajama pants kind of gal.  However, being that the topic of discussion is New Year’s and it is literally the granddaddy of all holidays (aside from Halloween) I’ve decided to make an exception. Also, I ended up drunkenly taking a cab to one of my best friend’s house last year and drunkenly dancing in her sister’s basement so I’m in need of a proper redemption story. First things first, call off now. Don’t be that person who decides to “live it up” and tries to find a cover last-minute because it’s not cute. Your boss and co-workers will appreciate you more for thinking of them and thinking ahead.

Where do you wanna go? Or rather who do you wanna be for the evening? Unfortunately, for all of us Buzzfeed has not made a quiz for this yet so we’ll actually have to think for ourselves. If you find yourself in a Marilyn Monroe/Audrey Hepburn mood then a ball gown and gala is more your scene. Keep in mind that means that you’ll have to attempt to maintain an air of class throughout the evening. If you’d rather nourish your inner James Dean then find a rave or call your one eccentric friend and get them to start planning for one now.


Outfit. This is literally EVERYTHING! If you’re like me then you may or may not have been eyeing some larger than life Urban numbers. DO NOT impulse buy. You’ll regret it in the long run. Start casually browsing now and then wish list first. It eases that pesky conscience and gives you enough time to hash out your plans first so you don’t look like Queen Elizabeth at your family’s low-key New Year’s party.


Tulle Skirt by The Proje2ct, new year's eve outfit idea

New Years Eve. outfit idea


Last but certainly not least company. What you wear and where you go is almost if not less than important as who you spend your evening with. Sentimentally aside, the last thing you need is to spend the night pretending with an acquaintance or nursing your best friend’s recent breakup. Check your drama at the door and make sure to invite your mains.


Slight note: Transportation to and from your selected location should be planned. Nothing worse than being in a car with a clearly intoxicated, over-confident drunk driver. Either get a DD (designated driver) which is almost next to impossible given the situation or plan for a cab. Maybe stay away from app services because they tend to have price surges on big holidays i.e. Uber a la Halloween.

Go forth & turnup!