Tom Brady

New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks, Super Bowl XLIX, 6:30 ET on NBC

Well folks, we’ve reached the final week of the 2015 NFL season. I can see the light as the season prepares to take its place behind the turf green gates of Football Heaven! This has been one of the most competitive, young star budding and headline filled seasons that I can remember, and it will be missed dearly! But, as with all things that are good, this too shall come to an end. Soon, we’ll be nonchalantly watching basketball highlights or your girlfriend’s (or mom’s) choice of reality shows. No more three-fingered catches, disturbing instances of domestic & child abuse, or unwarranted pressure on rookie quarterbacks. Speaking of pressure, we end a beautiful season with an ugly scar in the face of the NFL and that of the most celebrated franchise in the past 2 decades: The New England Patriots! After beating the brakes off of my Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship 45-7, the Patriots find themselves in the midst of yet another cheating “scandal” after 11 of the 12 game balls used during the game were discovered to be a bit deflated. Thus, we have DEFLATEGATE! What makes it even stranger is that the entire franchise is acting as if they have no clue how the balls got that way. In a recent press conference, Coach Bill Belichick excused himself from the situation and basically told us to ask quarterback Tom Brady. Brady, in sync, denied the accusations in a press conference of his own, and went as far as to claim that his “feelings were hurt” as a result. Really, Tom? Really?

Owner Robert Kraft took a more aggressive route to convincing the court of public opinion by pretty much challenging Roger Goodell and league officials to find them guilty. Even going as far as saying “the league should apologize” when they find no wrongdoing. That’s bold! Especially when the evidence is already in hand. I’m not the smartest man in the world, but I know that a regular locker room attendant wouldn’t deflate game balls on his own reconnaissance. Not for the Bill Belichick led, straight forward New England Patriots! They’re not even granted the benefit of the doubt after Spygate a couple years ago. Usually, cheating the game would come with stiff penalties whether you know what’s going on within your organization or not (ask New Orleans Head Coach Sean Payton). I get the inkling that nothing will come of Deflategate due to the lack of assertion by the NFL. I’m not, by any means, saying that the air pressure of a football was the reason that the Colts lost the game. I’d contribute that to Legarette Blount’s 30 carries for 170-plus yards and 3 touchdowns! Or the two costly interceptions that quarterback Andrew Luck threw! I could probably even find some odd reason to blame Trent Richardson (smh)! But the Patriots have now shown themselves to be “habitual deceivers” and should be punished severely!

In Seattle, Russell Wilson and the defending champion Seattle Seahawks overcame an unusual STINK BOMB of a game and showed the heart of champions to complete the largest comeback in conference title game history. The Colts defeated the Patriots after talking 21-6 in 2006. After trailing 19-7 with 4 minutes remaining in the game, largely due to 4 irrational interceptions by quarterback Russell Wilson, the defending champs rallied back to defeat a hobbled Aaron Rodgers and the Packers of Green Bay 28-25. With the game in his hands (still), Wilson led a game changing drive, highlighted by passes to Doug Baldwin and Marshawn Lynch. With Lynch ultimately scoring on a 1-yard run to cut the lead to 19-14 with nearly two minutes remaining, Pete Carroll had no choice but to opt for an onside kick. The onside kick bounced high and slapped the taste out of Packers right end Brandon Bostick’s mouth before ending up in the hands of Seahawk Chris Matthews at midfield! Then, it was BEASTMODE TIME! The Seahawks put the game on Marshawn Lynch’s back and he delivered with a 24-yard touchdown run to cap a 157 yard, 2 touchdown day. On the 2-point conversion, Wilson escaped a sack and threw across field to a wide open Luke Wilson to go up 22-19. A limping Aaron Rodgers responded by calmly leading the Packers downfield to set up a chip shot for Mason Crosby to force overtime.

On the first and only drive of overtime, Russell Wilson showed the testicular fortitude often displayed by his counterpart Rodgers and lead his team to the promise land by hooking up with receiver Jermaine Kearse, the target on each of Wilson’s four interceptions, for the winning score. Just five minutes earlier, I was ready to scroll through Instagram, because I thought the game was over! That was one of the greatest comebacks I’ve ever seen with my own two eyes! With that being said, the stage is set for Super Bowl XLIX. The Seattle Seahawks will defend their title versus the often scrutinized Patriots of New England. One of the league’s high-powered offenses up against the league’s stingiest defense! Let’s take a closer look:

My Prediction
Taking a close, but quick look at Sunday’s match up between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, I still feel the way I felt in my preseason predictions:

“This one is for all the marbles and it shall live up to expectations. After last year’s Super Bowl no one should “expect” anything when it comes to playing the Seattle Seahawks. It was “public knowledge” that Peyton Manning and Co. would blow the doors off the Seahawks. Only for everyone in favor of the Broncos stopped watching at halftime. But don’t expect it to be another triumphant win this year! The Patriots defense isn’t that of the Broncos. They have the knack for making plays at opportune times, and just added Darrelle Revis to an already good, young defense. The return of Jerod Mayo, Rob Gronkowski and Vince Wilfork makes it a more interesting match-up. The crazy part is that I haven’t said one thing about one of the best QBs to have ever played the game: Tom Brady. Brady has been itching for another shot at a championship and with his entire arsenal at his beck & call he’ll definitely have a 6th chance at winning it all! With that being said, I see the Seahawks pulling off back-to-back Super Bowl Championships for the first time since one Tom Brady did so in 2004-05.”

I’m sticking to my guns on this one, and I’ll take the Seahawks on Super Bowl Sunday. Forget the distraction of DEFLATEGATE or the potential “distraction” of the newly PROGRESSIVE endorsed Marshawn Lynch. I just simply think the Seahawks are better than the Patriots. I feel like momentum is on their side after a resilient comeback in the NFC championship, and that BEAST MODE will silence foolish journalist who try to label him a “cancer” solely because he refuses to give them the responses that they desire! Even without Lynch, I believe that Seattle’s defense is good enough to eliminate Blount in the run game and get enough pressure on Brady to rattle him. It was just a year ago that everyone was counting the Seahawks out prior to routing the Denver Broncos in last year’s Super Bowl. How dumb did you feel after the game? After the 1st quarter? Exactly! The old saying is true: “Offense wins games. Defense wins championships!” I thought the Seahawks convinced the masses last season after humiliating Peyton Manning & Co., but obviously not. While the Patriots boast a very good defense too, it doesn’t come close to mimicking the speed and physicality of the Legion Of Boom! Plus, as much as I hate (actually love) to say it, Karma is bound to make an appearance to the Patriots sideline due to their attempted deception of the game. Great teams win while respecting the hand simultaneously. Good teams don’t have to find holes in the rules. Cmon, Bill & Tom! You’re killing the little bit of the “Champion” image that we’ve grown to respect. Don’t make us have to second guess ALL of your shrieked achievements, Patriots!


Staff Predictions

Dre’ – Seahawks 27 – Patriots 17

Phil – Seahawks 28 – Patriots 27

Corey – Patriots 17 – Seahawks 14

Jamaar – Seahawks 27 – Patriots 10

Sabrina – Seahawks 27 – Patriots 24

Carden – Seahawks 35 – Patriots 31

Antoine – Seattle 29 – Patriots 17

Kenton – Patriots 20 – Seahawks 17

John – Patriots 24 – Seahawks 20