Good Day Barn Animals,


You ever feel like punching someone in the face for being like, a bit too good at something? A craft you’ve been trying to perfect for years, but then get side swiped by a Super Sayen version of yourself, effortlessly succeeding at what you’ve continuously failed at? That’s sort of around the feeling you’ll get when listening to Krown Vic; the up and coming artist from the DMV who quiet literally, permeated through the ether with an unspeakably insane E.P. this Valentine’s Day. 

Thus far the E.P. is untitled, probably because it literally speaks for itself


I write to humbly introduce to the world, slash whoever ends up reading this, a generationally transcendent musician. A word smith if you will. A Kung Fu dragon of logarithmic pulses that fall into harmonious place. Technotic sounds that will inevitably cause your hips to start uncontrollably gyrating while you’re taking that history exam but have one earphone in, eventually getting you kicked out into the hallway. Yes my ashy handed friends, I am formally introducing to you a hip hop artists whose work is absolute and celestial. Vic’s music infiltrates varying genders, generations, countries, and beliefs. How does a young dude just come out into this cruel world and you’re already a classic; already a legend..huh..HUH!? Answer me this, and I’ll continue this article…until, and not before then we will sit here in silence,..

okay, sssooooOOO.

As a hip hop artist emerging in one of the most uncultured, homogeneous generations known to man (Generation Y), you have to come correct if you don’t want to be diluted and washed away by the Lady Gagas and Justin Biebers of the world. Victor Njomo Jr (aka Krown Vic) is a symphonic poet with an golden ear for beats. His beats, produced by the exquisitely talented Garso Dio, are soothingly ambient, yet romantically carnivorous; all coupled with bass lines worthy of dudes with even the longest dreads. Some may liken his ‘accent’ to a Neo-Biggy for a better lack of artistic terms. But with Krown Vic comes a depth of intelligence and lyrical wit that will
 humble the likes of even the biggest hip hop artists to date. Yet as many adjectives as I’ve managed to use above, I could never depict just how well-rounded and entrancing Victor Njomo’s sounds are.

So to get a real taste of some of the genius behind this eccentric rapper, click on the link below listen to one of my favorite tunes ‘The Birth.’


or this snazzy banger titled ‘February’…



Can’t get enough Krown Vic’s sound, visit his sound cloud at

Feeling a little bit stalkish, let’s make it a bit’s a link to his tumblr :