Does it ever seem as though your hair growth has stopped in its tracks? Like it has and will never grow pass your current length?… Here are some tips to not only help with growing your hair longer and faster, but also at a pace that you will witness with your own eyes:

Always remember, your hair is growing. It may be growing at the same pace as it is shedding, which makes it seem as though it has been the same length forever, but everyones hair grows.

Water is your friend! This goes for both internal and external. Drinks lots of water as well as applying it to your hair to help with moisturizing.

Make sure you are washing and co-washing when your hair needs it. Clean hair means no dirt, build up or dead skin.

Always apply leave in conditioner! Always! Refrigerate the leave in to help with sealing your cuticles and adding shine.

Work in sections. When washing, conditioning, detangling, moisturizing and sometimes styling.

Remember that your ends tell you everything. When it is time for a trim, when your hair is breaking, when it is dry etc. Be sure to seal this with your best oil.

Detangle properly. Be sure you are detangling your hair from the bottom to the top and never pull apart your hair. Doing either of these can cause your hair to snap, break and ruin your hair growth process. Also, make sure your nails are properly clipped so it does not snag or catch on to your hair.

Try a multivitamin. Multivitamins are known to help your hair with hair growth, extend the lifespan and assist with dry scalp.

Don’t forget that satin or silk pillow case or bonnet at night! Matter of fact, make sure that everything that touches your hair is either silk, satin or retaining moisture some how.

Happy Hair Growing!