The Weeknd

The Weeknd
Beauty Behind The Madness

The Weeknd tells a story with his sophomore album Beauty Behind the Madness, with the album being the madness and The Weeknd’s voice being the beauty behind it. The story starts off with him describing who he is and what he is about, which as usual is dark and unkind. “Real Life” begins the album with the lines “I’ll be the same, never changed for nothin’ ” and “Don’t waste precious tears on me/I’m not worth the misery”.

The Weeknd continues his story explaining his inability to love with songs such as “Losers” featuring Labrinth and his love for drugs and meaningless sex with “Tell Your Friends”, “Often”, and the well known single “The Hills”. Then he slowly begins to lighten up in “Acquainted” singing “I think I fell for you… To say we’re in love is dangerous, but girl I’m so glad we’re acquainted” and his well known single “Can’t Feel My Face” with the famous lines “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you, but I love it” (although he is highly likely expressing his love for cocaine, one can easily take this upbeat tempo and lyrics as a full blown love song for something other than such).

These songs are then followed by “Shameless” and “Earned it” with The Weeknd expressing his love for a mysterious women he then describes in “In the Night”, who he finds is very much like him and allows her past to haunt her. He comes back with “As You Are” telling this love interest “They can’t see what I see in you… I’ll take you as you are”.

The album then makes a turn and becomes dark again with The Weeknd warning his woman in the bluesy “Dark Times” featuring the talented Ed Sheeran, singing lines “This ain’t the time for you to fall in love with me… Only my mother could love me for me” and “Prisoner” featuring the lovely Lana Del Rey. The words that Del Rey sings seems to be the words of the woman The Weeknd has been singing about as his lover. In the song (that fits both of their voices perfectly) they have agreed that they are both addicted to the lives they were given. Towards the end of the song Lana Del Rey sings “Maybe I’ve been always destined to end up in this place/I don’t mean to come off selfish, but I want it all/Love will always be a lesson, let’s get out of it’s way” as they agree that it would be best if they left each other alone. The Weeknd ends the album with “Angel” saying that time will tell if they are meant to be, but if not he hopes she finds somebody to love.

The Weeknd has you swaying and singing to the lyrics whether you can relate to his words or not. Beauty Behind the Madness is definitely the turn down album you want to hear, if you haven’t already!


Rating: 4/5