Some sadly know nothing of coconut oil. Some who do know have limited knowledge of just its use for cooking. Unless you are allergic to coconut oil, you should be using it quite frequently. Frequently as in everyday! With its wonderful benefits, both internally and externally, here is a list of 50 ways one can use coconut oil to enhance their life in some manner:

  1. Added to a homemade lotion or to your store bought lotion as a moisturizer
  2. Added to a homemade deodorant to keep bacteria from appearing
  3. As eye make up remover
  4. Can be applied to your cuticles, not just to become shiny, but also to help with nail growth
  5. When applied over skin, it is known to assist with the healing process
  6. Can be used a sunscreen or relieve the sunburn healing process
  7. Great as a tanning oil
  8. As a shaving cream or shaving lotion
  9. If used regularly it helps with removing acne
  10. Helps with soothing eczema and psoriasis
  11. Can be used as a chapstick or added to a lip balm
  12. If rubbed in the nostrils, it can help with relieving allergy symptoms
  13. When used regularly, it can help with the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite
  14. Can be added for a homemade body scrub
  15. Can be used as a massage oil
  16. To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy when applied frequently
  17. Helps when lightening up age spots
  18. Helps relieve itch from chicken pox and poison ivy
  19. When added with essential oils it can help as a great foot soak mix
  20. Can be added to hair to reduce frizz
  21. Can be used as both a conditioner and deep conditioner
  22. Can be added with leave in conditioner to help with moisturizer
  23. When rubbed into scalp it can help to stimulate hair growth
  24. Can be used for a hot oil treatment
  25. Can be added to a smoothie or any food or drink as an energy booster
  26. When taken daily it can help with metabolism
  27. It is great for baking, a replacement for butter, and any vegetable oil
  28. Helps to season cast iron skillets
  29. Can be added in any homemade laundry soap
  30. Can be added to the baby’s bottom to reduce diaper rash, or applied regularly to relieve diaper rash
  31. Relieves cradle cap by massaging into baby’s scalp and then rinsing with warm water
  32. Can be replaced with your store bought baby lotion
  33. For nursing mothers, it can be applied to the nipples to reduce drying, cracking and irritation
  34. Nursing mothers can take 3-4 tablespoons to increase milk supply and nutrients for her and baby
  35. Expecting mothers can take coconut oil internally and it helps baby with development
  36. When used properly in the ear it can help the ear infection healing process
  37. Can be added to a homemade toothpaste
  38. To use as oil pulling. This helps overall mouth health
  39. When taken daily it can help with metabolism and help speed weight loss
  40. Helps with reducing symptoms of arthritis
  41. When a tablespoon or two is added to your tea it can help relieve a sore throat
  42. It can be used over insect bites to relieve itch and added to an insect repellant
  43. Can be used with a homemade vapor rub
  44. Helps with cholesterol and insulin levels
  45. When applied topically can quickly reduce cold sores
  46. When taken daily it can help improve sleep
  47. Daily intake increase brain power and mental alertness
  48. When applied before swimming it can avoid chlorine exposure
  49. If taken regularly it can help boost circulation for those who feel cold
  50. Can be used as an anti-aging cream/moisturizer

Try not to limit yourself to this specific list, for there are endless ways to benefit from coconut oil. Do the research and try it out for anything! Enjoy!