Have you ever noticed that nothing is sacred anymore? Vacations, concerts, trips, food, etc. Since the boom of social media, we as a culture have taken the value of life moments and have thrown them into a trash bin called a timeline. We give people glimpses of the most intimate moments of our lives before we can even process the value of the moment we’re in. Enjoy the moment… When you’re at a concert and your favorite song is being played, record it and post it later. You may miss the best part of the show trying to upload while the show is still going on. Enjoy the moment…When you’re on vacation far away from home and you have the urge to post every detail, remember there are haters out there. Posting pics while far away from home can be potentially dangerous. While you’re in Cali “ballin”, someone could be checking your location to see if it’s a good time to do harm to your home or family while you are away. Enjoy the moment…When you have a fresh cut or hairdo and your outfit is on point, let that glow be for you and those around you while you’re shining. Always throwing your ”glow” online will have people that has never met you throwing shade your way. You can say you don’t care, but if the right person has the wrong impression of you, it can hinder your ability to prosper. Always be kind to one another and always remember to Enjoy The Moment.