Do you believe that it is possible to have a “friends with benefits” relationship without feelings ever being involved?


Jack – Yea… Feelings will most likely creep in if you’ll deal with each other long enough, but if you’ll check it before it gets too heavy, everything can remain cool. It really depends on the stability/mindset of the individuals.

Brittany – At least one person will catch feelings. Usually the female. But like me, I wouldn’t let the other person know I had feelings unless I knew it was mutual, but that’s just me.

Mack – It isn’t easy, but yea, it has been done plenty of times. Issues will always occur in that situation though.

Shane – Personally yes, but a lot of people don’t think like me. I don’t usually attach feelings with sex. Sex is simply a pleasurable act between two or more people. Being friends with a mutual understanding that sex and only sex will be involved in that relationship can be done and has existed in my life before. If feelings do develop, communication is key and if they aren’t mutual and no further progression will take place, it’s time to end it and move on. Most people will tend to catch feelings because they see that person as apart of their life in an intimate way and naturally view them as theirs after awhile. Until they are in that situation people aren’t as open as they think they are.

Bee Aye – I think it’s possible, but not likely. You have to train your entire being to learn to control emotions from within.

Tish – No matter how hard you try feelings will always start to develop. The more time you spend with a person the more feelings develop.

Tony – In the beginning yes, but over time someone is going to get emotionally involved.

Tece – NO (laughs). Even if you’re “just friends” there are still some feelings there. There is something that attracted you to that person to even get to that point. Yeah, you can be friends with benefits, but if you see that person with their other friend with benefits, you’d be jealous or mad or show some type of emotion towards them.

Kris – It’s hard to do for most. I had a friend with benefits for a while, but eventually you’ll want something real (that’s if either party hasn’t caught feelings). So to answer your question, yes it is possible, but only for a certain type of person.

Kevin – I think the only way friends with benefits works is if it’s a “side thing”. If both parties are already involved with someone else they’ve vested feelings in, then yeah, a side chick or side dude can potentially work. But usually if someone has no one else & they’re putting energy into that person, eventually they’ll want more.