Ever feel as though this natural journey is taking a toll and that everything would be much easier to just reach for the creamy crack? Here are a few motivational tips to help keep you going:

Patience is key
As long as you continue the right regimen it will pay off in the end. Give it some time, and you will notice improvement.

Commitment is also key
You have to want to be dedicated and also be dedicated in your choice to be natural. If you are not devoted, your hair will show it.

Remember why you became natural
Regardless of the reason(s) behind why you became natural, you made the healthier decision.

You and your hair are both unique
Try not to compare yourself to others and learn to take criticism well. People will have opinions about your natural hair, both good and bad. For the new comers, do not come into this journey with expectations from looking at another’s journey. Whether you are new to this or not, embrace who you are.

This tip is in almost every hair tip article and that is because it is the key to success in your natural hair journey.

Reduce or stop the use of heating methods/products
If you are using heating techniques often (blow dryer, curling iron, hot comb etc.) to style your hair and make your hair appear healthy, then stop or reduce the usage. You want your hair to actually be healthy, not to just appear healthy.

One mustn’t be afraid of the Big Chop
The Big Chop can be a terrifying decision. It can even hold back ones from actually being natural. Please note that there are other transitioning methods. Although the Big Chop is the easiest method, it is not the only option.

Don’t like it? Do something about it!
Don’t like how dry your hair is? Moisturize it or condition it. Don’t like how short your hair is? Add a wig, faux locks or weave. Don’t like how your forehead looks in a specific hairstyle? Wear a hat or a scarf or do not do that hairstyle. Don’t like how long it takes to maintain the health of your hair? Chop it off! Although the last suggestion may seem extreme, it is an option. You always have options.

Know that you are not alone
There are tons of people just like you who have been where you are. Everyone who has made the natural hair decision is or will go through this exact stage you are going through. Do not fret.

Find other inspiration to help keep you motivated
Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Google, and numerous hair blogs (the list goes on and on) are all filled with Naturalistas who are more than willing to give you that push and motivation to keep your goal at focus. There is even natural hair events that you can attend to help embrace your healthy hair journey!

Just like any other decision to become healthy, there are going to be times where you will want to give up and go the easy route. But always remember, there is no such pill that creates 6 pack abs overnight. The same applies to transitioning to healthy hair. Every health journey takes time, hard work and determination.

Good luck!