It is quite apparent that listening to your favorite tunes places you in a good mood, but did you also know that it improves overall health? Being one of the few activities that involve using the entire brain, take a look at ways music could help you when you need it most:

Relieves pain: When listening to calm, soothing music, this is great for any one suffering from pain such as back pain, headaches and migraines. It helps with reducing or eliminating the intensity or duration of the pain.

Improves exercise and workout: Music that motivates helps with physical performance and duration of the workout.

Helps recovering patients: When listening to upbeat music for a few hours a day, this may help patients who have suffered from or are dealing with cancer, stroke(s) or heart attack(s). It also helps surgery patients with their recovery as well.

Reduces blood pressure: Classical music at least a half an hour a day, preferably in the morning and evening, helps people with high blood pressure lower a noticeable amount.

Boosts Immunity: Listening and singing to music boosts your emotions and immune-boosting hormones.

Reduces stress and anxiety: The best way to benefit from music is to listen to it throughout the day while completing tasks. That way it can stop stress in its tracks, but if stress or anxiety does appear without listening to music, take the time out to listen to some slow, quiet (classical if possible) music to relieve yourself of it.

Improves concentration and attention: Depending on the listener’s preference of music and the age group, music can help individuals focus on the task/obstacle they are facing.

Helps with memory loss and memory performance: Upbeat instrumental music helps with memory loss. Also listening to a specific song while learning can help with recalling that same information later when listening or thinking of the song.

Helps reduce sleep: Low relaxing music before bedtime helps with decreasing blood pressure, heart/respiratory rate, anxiety and sympathetic nervous system activity. All that is needed to help relax you and take your mind off of things to fall into a deep slumber.

Promotes productivity: Listening to music while working or completing tasks helps you not only finish faster than normal, but also to perform better.

Feeling stressed? Can’t sleep? Have a headache? Can’t focus? Listen to music! Basically, music heals the mind, body and soul. So go ahead make a playlist and plug in those headphones. It’s good for you!