What if you could play all your favorite albums or even better what if you could play your favorite artists playlists in the comfort of your living room? Well, Britain’s Electric Jukebox can do that for you. Where Apple Music and Spotify might overcharge or not have all the music you want. Electric Jukebox has it all. With one dongle and controller, the luxury of having all your records in one place is back. Giving you that vinyl feel in this streaming day and age.

Electric Jukebox 2

The Electric Jukebox gives you three easy options to choose from “My Music, Discover, and Search”. With over millions of songs and artists to choose from, The Electric Jukebox shouldn’t let you or the party down. You can buy the Electric Jukebox here for a limited time only for $199.00.

Tech Specs

Premium Music Service
Free 12-month Music Pass
Millions of Albums Instantly
Voice Search