With Will Smith’s new movie “Concussion” coming out this December basically shedding more light on the problem of concussions in the NFL or in football period. Riddell were taking the right steps to make better and safer helmets. Thad Ide, Senior Vice President of Research and Product Development of Riddell talked about how they focused on making the best helmet possible.  He said “we re-created those situations in a laboratory and discovered that some of them, about 70 percent of the impacts were to the side of the head or the face”. With this new Riddell Speedflex, it engineered to help reduce impact force transfer to the athlete. With the game changing Riddell might be on to something with this new helmet.

The Riddell Speedflex is already a hit in college. Virginia Tech gives the helmet a 5 star rating. This helmet is out right now for 399.99.  Click here for more information.


Tech Specs

  • The Flex System
  • Composite Energy Management
  • All Points Quick Release
  • Tru – Curve Linear System
  • Occipital Lock
  • PSIP
  • Ratchet – Loc Retention System
  • HS* Face Mask
  • Five – Point Custom Inflation
  • Modern Design
  • Flexliner
  • Quick Change Liner Attachment Systems