Flic 2

Imagine if you could control everything in your home with one push of a button. Well, you don’t have to imagine any longer. Flic the smart button is here! Flic, being Bluetooth friendly, allows you to turn off TVs, lights, order you a pizza, or even use it in the car to answer calls or texts while driving. You can also get it to help find your lost phone. Flic would also be the perfect device for a college student on those late night walks across campus, by giving you the ability of sending your whereabouts to your select family and friends using Google Maps, with just two clicks. Currently, Flic is more compatible with Android apps, but is available through iOS apps as well.

With an affordable price tag of $25 for one and $99 for four, Flic is the button of the future. If you like what you see click here and thank us later!