This week we had the opportunity to interview Chris Cornett, an aspiring motivational speaker that shared his transformation on just being a better, happier, healthier person.

Offthemag: Hello Chris welcome to Official The Magazine. Tell us a little about yourself?
Chris: Thank you for having me Official The Magazine. I was born and raised in Arnold, Maryland, a small suburb town, near Annapolis, Maryland. I am a positive person and soul in pursuit of mastering my life and becoming the best I can be in every aspect of life, while being an outlet to inspire and influence others to create a life they truly want for themselves.

OTM: Tell us a little about your childhood and how it was growing up.
Chris: Born on December 18th, 1996. My single mother had me when she was 19 years old. Growing up I bounced back and forth from my grandmother’s house and my mom’s house a lot due to my mom’s work schedule and school for myself. My mom, grandmother, and grandfather always made sure they could do whatever possible for me to make sure I had whatever I needed. School was through for me because I struggled with obesity for majority of my life, which at the time and especially growing up, had an impact on my self esteem and shyness around others at school. Obesity as a kid in grade school all the way up to the early days in high school is no walk in the park. It comes with a lot of bullying and a lot of uncomfortable situations. Being an only child had its perks at times, but growing up with a brother or sister would have been pretty cool. Sometimes it was lonely, but I learned a lot out of it. I played basketball as well, and it was the highlight of my winters. My mom always made sure I was involved in a sport if I wanted to be. Early on in my days I would also secretly go get my grandmother’s video camera and videotape myself acting like I was doing a news cast or just going around the house doing funny random things.

OTM: Tell us about your transformation, weight loss and your health concerns?
Chris: Growing up I was always the biggest kid in the class. Not the good kind of big. For a majority of my life I never knew what it was like to not have an access amount of weight to carry around. It was about 3 months after I turned 14 years old that I finally made the complete commitment to lose the weight I knew I needed to lose. Starting out, I told my grandparents that I was making a commitment. Being active wasn’t my problem. It was only my bad eating habits and nutrition. So I went from 3 sodas every 3 hours to straight water and I cut the quantity of my meals as well as keeping them more simple. I would allow myself one cheat meal a week/biweekly. I failed many times in the past trying to lose weight so I knew this time I didn’t want to just try and give up. I actually wanted to finish and see how I would be and what my life was like if I overcame the obesity. As the weight started coming off and I started seeing results, the hunger became bigger and bigger. I developed a good habit and ritual after staying consistent for about 1 month. Week to week I would weigh myself as well as educating myself on fitness and nutrition and developing my skills inside the gym and the kitchen. Finally, after about 4 1/2 months I had reached my first ever goal of 180 lbs. Going from 245, the most I’ve weighed, to 180 lbs. was a big milestone. Once I hit 180 the skills and habits led me to a bigger vision. I wanted to keep going and really see where I could take my limits. My weight loss journey came to an end at the lowest weight of 138 lbs. in the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. At that point I made it a priority to put my focus on building my strength and size so I could improve my physique even more. Now, it’s a habit in my lifestyle to always look on physique and strength improvement. My senior year of high school began with an unexpected twist on my health. I was diagnosed with an atrial septal defect, with a 10mm hole restricting my heart from full blood circulation. By the grace of God my life was saved, and it truly was by the grace of God. On July 31st, 2014 the surgery took place at Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC. A successful surgery and a 4 day post op and I was on my feet and on my way home. Having that surgery gave me purpose. Growing up obese and having open heart surgery both gave me a huge priority and awareness on how important living a healthy life is, as well as taking care of yourself. My open heart surgery gave me an even deeper purpose in life in general and why it’s important to focus on good health as well as being thankful for life itself and living life to your greatest potential. My past experiences have shaped who I am today and I wouldn’t change any of it, because it’s giving me the ability to share, inspire, and influence others.

OTM: What are your aspirations in life?
Chris: I aspire to become a speaker and a leader in business, while inspiring others to make transformations for themselves in the area of health and fitness as well as their life as a whole. To live in complete abundance for myself and to have the ability to share my abundance with others as well. I aspire to make every dream I dream a reality or die trying.

OTM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Chris: I see some of my upmost dreams starting to become a reality. In five years I see myself regularly speaking, coaching, and mentoring others to a more fulfilled life. I see my business at a professional level with momentum and my skills as an individual at an elite level. I see myself still in the field working my hardest and at a place where I am fulfilled as well as a team of dreamers that are making their dreams a reality too.

OTM: If you could talk to someone who is down and out and going through more downs than ups, what would you advise?
Chris: Make optimism your friend, look at every situation with the most positive outlook you possibly can and always deploy gratitude as well as taking that down and turning it into an up. Force your down \time to be an uptime by learning from the situation and fixing the problem if able. If a situation is bad and you can’t control it always remember with bad comes good and remind yourself that without bad there is no good. Smile for 30 seconds and keep moving towards the light.

OTM: Anything that you would like to share or touch on before ending this interview?
Chris: Anything is possible, use my story and steal my belief until you can have your own.

OTM: What’s one word to describe you?
Chris: Optimistic

OTM: How can readers, who are intrigued or interested in learning more about your journey, find you?