Have big plans these upcoming holidays, but want to make sure your ‘do will do well? Just follow these natural hair care traveling tips and you will be worrying more about enjoying yourself than your mane:

Plan ahead. This is the most important tip. Know what you will be doing and even what you possibly will be doing during your travels, so you can figure out the proper needs for your hair (hairstyles, accessories, products etc). If you write a list and make sure to pack everything you need on the list, then you should be good to go. Literally 🙂

Protective style. This is another great option because it saves you time and money. Depending on the style, you could be down to just bringing a satin scarf/pillowcase along with you to wear at night.

Avoid “complementary” products. Free products given at hotels and such should be avoided. Just remember that not all products are designed for your hair needs and the chemicals/ingredients in those free products can do more harm than good.

Seal. Going somewhere warmer? Plan on going swimming or relaxing by the beach side? Be sure to seal your hair with a moisturizer such is a leave-in, oil and/or butter to protect your strands from chlorine/salt and the sometimes damaging sun.

Make a small list. If you’re not big on packing or planning ahead, just toss these in your purse/bag and you should be set during your travels:

 – Bobby pins         – an oil        – a butter      – a moisturizer    – satin pillowcase/scarf/bonnett

Leave it be. Let it out. It’s yours. Let your hair do what it wants on its own. Especially if your trip is a short one. Throw it up in a sloppy bun or two braids. Focus on enjoying the holidays without the worries of whether your twist out came out right or if you will have time to deep condition your hair.

Remember what the holidays are about and try not to get so caught up in the crazy world of hair care. Enjoy yourself.


Happy Hairlidays!