Baylor University boasts being the largest Christian based University in the country right in the heart of Texas that any parent would love to send their children to, but the last few years the University has had a rape culture stigma that no one saw coming. A lawsuit was filed by a Baylor University graduate alleging that 31 Baylor Football players committed 52 acts of rape between 2011 and 2015. At least two of the rapes were gang rapes (committed by 10 or more players at the same time) the suit claims. The most notable player that got arrested and sentenced was Tevin Elliot, a Baylor linebacker in 2012, and sentenced in 2013 to 2o years in prison for his two sexual assaults committed as a student at Baylor.

With the Big 12 freezing payments to Baylor University staff members over their handling of rape scandals over the years, reports show the Big 12 will withhold 25% of future revenue to Baylor University until school officials cooperate with an investigation. Last Spring, the Big 12 dished out over 30 million to each school in the conference.

Court documents state that (former) head coach Art Briles, his assistant coaches, and Athletic Director Ian McCaw (which all have resigned) worked efficiently to keep player’s behaviors under wraps and sweep major incidents under the rug. Instead of disciplining the players, the University tried to pay some of the victims off while making them sign non-disclosure agreements and receiving free tuition. While most would ask for the death penalty for Baylor University, the real problem at Baylor University is the rape culture there and this alone poses a new question.

Would you send your child there?