This week Amazon introduces the new Echo Look. It brings everything that you love about Alexa, but this time around you can have your very own style assistant. Using just your voice, the Echo Look can easily take full length photos and short videos with its hand-free camera that comes with a built-in LED lighting. The camera also shoots its subject in depth of field so it makes its subjects pop out and blurs the background in each picture. The Echo Look also comes with a companion, where you can build your own personal lookbook and share your photos with your family and friends. For the consumers that want a second opinion for their outfit, the Echo Look will pick your favorite look and its Style Check app will choose it for you. Based on your lookbook, The Echo Look will assist you by finding new brands and styles just from your photos.

As of today, the Amazon Echo Look is only available by invitation only. If you are selected, you will receive an email with an invitation to purchase. Below is a short video of the Echo Look. Share, comment, and tell us what you think. Thank us later!