My wife and I were out to dinner last night and I just had to stop and think for a second. A little over 2-3  years ago I came across this Brand called Munchies. Now without going into too much detail, Munchies is an extension of their News Company, Vice (pre-Viceland days) that focuses on food. Anyway, this cat Eddie Huang, from D.C (DMV baby) was one of the talents and he just had the illest life to me. He was young, knew hip-hop and other cool shit AND he was a chef. That made me think outside the box of what a “chef” has been stereotypically portrayed as in my life. What does that mean? I don’t know … but my point is I found it really dope that he took something he loved and just made it work for him. I felt like I related to what he spoke about so much that I’d always saying “man, that’d be so dope to do.” I wanted to emulate that somehow but in my life.

When I first started Nomarama I always had a passion for food so when I started getting heavier in the local scene it was only a matter of time before I started making friends in the food industry. I guess one could say I am at the humble beginnings of “manifesting this foodie lifestyle” I’ve wanted for quite a while. The more spots I went to the more people Id meet and the more I started to get to know them and come to respect and trust them more.

– Side note…there is something to be said about the trust you have in someone to prepare a meal for you. It goes back to my thoughts about how far food really goes beyond just being edible or a necessity for our existence. There is a connection and it’s pretty beautiful when you think about it.-

I think the most interesting part is that there is so much I didn’t and still don’t know culinarily. For example, when I would watch episodes of “Chef’s Night Out” I’d realize that as these people left their kitchens they were just regular ass people like me, kind of. Aside from their amazing talents in the kitchen, which I lack, they too are fans of Tribe Called Quest, cool kicks and just enjoying time with friends and fam. On the other hand, the mind of a chef is so insane to me like a mad scientist. I have hard enough time finding what to cook the fam for dinner and here some of these cats can put a menu together for a whole restaurant. A restaurant that feeds people they technically don’t even know, yet when the food is good people always come back. Some would say that’s a very egotistical thing to do but a lot of the chefs I meet, have worked with and consider friends are some of the humblest people you will meet. I mean don’t get me wrong there are some characters but, in their right I get it. It’s like a brand… people have brand loyalty to clothing, accessories or cars so can’t a chefs’ culinary expertise be their brand? As such, if their shit doesn’t stink then, of course, that’s an ego boost.  

Munchies really inspired me to want to dive deeper into the world of food and the culinary scene where I live. I guess you could say it helped me “find my lane” if you will. Not to say that I am on any level close Munchies or Eddie but I just find it awesome that I can work with people I call my friends and bring a spotlight to what they are so passionate about. Even more so, to have my own supporters and followers that appreciate and dig what I am doing through Nomarama. I guess what I am getting at is even though at the moment, Nomarama is what you’d call a “Side hustle/gig” it’s nice to have people in my corner that give me kudos… it’s like it makes it all worth it. All my life I heard fam, teachers and even strangers tell me Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life”. I just want to make that a reality. Here’s to the next 2-3 years!