Name: Minerva F.
Where are you from: Bel Air, Maryland – Family is from Mexico
Favorite Music Artist(s): Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert, and Birdy
Twitter: @minerva0x
Instagram: minerva0x

OTM: Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do when you’re not modeling?
Minerva: When I am not modeling, I try my best to get outdoors for an adventure. On nights alone I have been getting in tune with my artistic side. So lately, I’ve been getting back into writing and painting. At the moment still pretty rough. Maybe one day you will see an amazing painting on my feed. Other than that, I am always thinking of what theme my next photoshoot will be.

OTM: Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you.
Minerva: Although through social media I am not shy, I am actually very shy in person. Once I open up, I am all laughs and smiles. This is portrayed a lot in my photos. There is always a blooper of me laughing. Those are always my favorite.

OTM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Minerva: In 5 years I hope to be a model for a lingerie company. One day I would also love to be a mentor to young women. I would like to show and encourage young women that anything is possible.

OTM: If you could give advice to an up and coming model what would you tell them?
Minerva: To any up and coming model I would say bring your uniqueness to every shoot. Never get discouraged for being different and being yourself. Modeling is not easy nor is the industry always nice, so be confident and comfortable with yourself. Work hard and network as much as you can. Most of all, find your model face and angle… Then work it!

OTM: What’s one word to describe yourself?
Minerva: Intense.

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