Politics as Usual! 


President Trump declares opioid crisis a health emergency.
After directing the federal government to declare opioid deaths and addiction a public health emergency, the president said there would be a “massive advertising campaign” to help teach young people “not to take drugs, just not to take them.” Although Trump also suggested more treatment was necessary, his declaration frees up just $57,000 from the health department’s weak emergency fund.



Almost 3,000 JFK assassination files released.
The National Archives have published 2,891 files related in some way to the killing of President John F. Kennedy. Still, some were disappointed President Trump agreed to keep hundreds of more documents under wraps pending security reviews by federal agencies. One J. Edgar Hoover memo from November 24, 1963, revealed that the FBI’s Dallas office was warned Lee Harvey Oswald might be targeted while in custody.



Pentagon is preparing to send armed drones into Niger.
The Pentagon is preparing to weaponize Reaper drones currently conducting surveillance in the African country, according to anonymous officials. The move follows the deaths of four Green Berets in Niger earlier this month, soldiers believed to have been ambushed and killed by Islamist militants. US officials have reportedly asked Niger’s government to allow armed drones on military bases.