Politics as Usual! 


Virginia elects first openly transgender state legislator.
Democrat Danica Roem beats an anti-LGBTQ Republican in a historic election for Virginia’s House of Delegates Tuesday. Her opponent, an incumbent Robert Marshall, once referred to himself as Virginia’s “chief homophobe” and repeatedly misgendered Roem. “Discrimination is a disqualifier,” Roem said Tuesday.



FEMA to offer help in Puerto Rico. 
In a historic move, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) plans to make airlifts to the mainland available to those stranded in shelters in Puerto Rico. FEMA traditionally would put displaced victims of the hurricane in hotels, but hotels across the US territory were said to be completely booked, and thousands have been forced into overcrowded shelters.



Senate approves a rule requiring mandatory sexual harassment training.
The Senate voted unanimously on Thursday to pass a new measure that would make sexual harassment training mandatory for all members. Senators will now have to complete the training within 60 days and repeat once during every congressional session.

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