Politics as Usual! 


Gun control for the future.
Leading senators from both political parties are expected to introduce a bill to improve the federal database used to check gun buyers’ backgrounds. The legislation, helmed by Republican John Cornyn and Democrat Chris Murphy, is intended to compel states and federal agencies to provide more information on a buyers’ criminal history.



The FDA approves pills that can be monitored.
The Food and Drug Administration has OK’ed pills that contain digital sensors informing doctors if a patient has taken them or not. Manufactured by Otsuka and Proteus Digital Health, the pill is a variation on antipsychotic medication Abilify, used with patients suffering from mental health disorders.



The NSA is investigating a breach of hacking tools.
The National Security Agency and the FBI have spent the past 15 months trying to understand how a group called “the Shadow Brokers” obtained NSA cyber-weapons. Some white house officials said they believed Russian hackers were the chief suspects, but investigators were also looking into the possibility of an internal leaker. One former NSA hacking team employee described it as “a disaster on multiple levels.”