Politics as Usual! 



California asks President Trump for federal aid as wildfires spread.
Governor Jerry Brown has urged President Trump to declare a federal state of emergency in Southern California to provide for more help battling the wildfires tearing through the state. A new fire broke out in the San Diego this past Thursday, one of six fires that raged across the state. Forecasters said ongoing winds would leave firefighters struggling to contain wildfires until Sunday. Almost 200,000 residents have now been evacuated. The wildfires are already up to 9 billion dollars in insurance claims making this the most in California fire history.


Russia is banned from 2018 Winter Olympics.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to ban Russia from next year’s Olympic games in South Korea after agreeing with an investigator’s conclusion that the country ran a “systemic” doping program for athletes. Some Russian competitors who can prove themselves clean will still be allowed to take part under the Olympic flag.


Trump to name Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
Earlier this week, President Trump announced that the US considers Jerusalem Israel’s capital and outline a plan to move the American embassy to the city. The decision violates long-standing US policy and goes against warnings from across the Muslim world and from experts on both sides that it will needlessly provoke anger and possibly incite violence. Today, there have been violent clashes near the US embassy in Lebanon, in the latest protest against President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.