Politics as Usual! 



Apple says chip defects leave all devices vulnerable.
The multinational technology company announced that security flaws found in computer chips affect its full range of Mac and iOS products, but no known data breaches have yet taken place. Apple said a recent update should help alleviate the Meltdown problem, while an upcoming Safari update would do the same for Spectre.


Sessions allowing feds to intervene in legal weed states.
Jeff Sessions reversed an Obama-era policy regarding federal prosecution for “marijuana activities” in states where weed has been legalized. The Justice Department handed US attorneys new discretion to prosecute pot cases, a move it describes as “a return to the rule of law.”


President Trump threatens to take Steve Bannon to court.
The president’s lawyer Charles Harder accused Bannon of violating a non-disclosure agreement and giving cause for a defamation case with comments he made to Michael Wolff for a new book. The former White House strategist reportedly told Wolff that Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russians at Trump Tower was “treasonous.”

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