Official the Magazine seeks to creatively reflect the community of young adults with topics on current events, sports, music, fashion, poetry, and relationships. We strive to exemplify confidence, creativity, and talent and possess an unrelenting drive for success.

André Correa – Owner, Editor in Chief
Phillip Carter – Creative Director
Sabrina Howard – Online Editor/Staff Editor
Brownie Igboegwu – Fashion Director
Corey Lewis – Operations and Planning Director
Nat Jackson – Key Contributor
Haja Kabba – Writer
Esther Quansah – Writer
Rebecca Foinchas – Writer
Sha’Air Hawkins – Writer

The Official Concept – The Best Way To Inspire Our Youth
We know that the best way to inspire our youth is to celebrate their successes and provide relevant information on topics that closely touch their everyday lives. Our content is 100% focused on this objective. With an emphasis on our core values, we’re changing the way the public views our youth. We only provide positive and inspirational content and aim to build an environment of encouragement.

Why Do We Do It
It’s simple… Celebrating success breeds more success!

Our Core Values
Confidence: Belief in yourself and your abilities
Creativity: Transcending traditional ideas to display your originality
Talent: Possessing and displaying a special ability
Drive for Success: Never letting obstacles interfere with achieving your dreams

What We’re About
Official the Magazine was founded in August, 2011 as a community service publication with the primary objective of bringing well deserved attention to positive area youth. We target young adults between the ages of 14 and 25 who truly embrace the core values. These young people are recognized for being “Official” and are featured in our online magazine. We celebrate the success of each individual and highlight the overall success of our area youth in one dedicated publication. Our belief is that the investment in our youth is vital to their ongoing success and accomplishment.